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Weeknote 11/7

Last week, was a good week for Raging Swan. Not only did we release Wererats of the Roach-Run Sewers by Landon Bellavia, but I got loads done! I finished editting and layout for Bandits of the Rampant Horror ready for release next week and I’ve completed my first editing pass of Thanegar’s Horde. I also finally completed one of the upper levels of Shadowed Keep on the Borderland and polished off the duergar stats for Caves & Caverns.

This week, I’m starting work (and hopefully finishing work) on Robes of Summoning, a PLAYERS RESOURCE that presents five variations on the robe of bones. I’ve always thought that the robe of bones was a cool magic item for villains, but not so useful for PCs. Robes of Summoning (which needs a webpage) will present variant robes which almost any character could use without drawing the ire of all nearby good-aligned PCs.

I’ve also got an extra page of content to generate for Thanegar’s Horde and the final upper level of the Shadowed Keep on the Borderland to complete. And what would life be without more stat blocks to complete? That’s why I’ll be doing the svirfneblin (which I really need to put into my spell checker!) stat blocks for Caves & Caverns.

Other than that, I intend to have an excellent week and crush all opposition in our Monday game, Quadripartite. Then, I shall plot how to terrorise my players in our Wednesday Ruins on the Hill game.!