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Weeknote 13/6

Last week was good and busy. I trialled a new way of working which seemed quite successful. During the mornings I’d design and create as I normally do, but in the afternoons I put the computer away (metaphorically) and concentrate on reviewing stuff that’s come in such as Wererats of the Roach-Run Sewers and start planning for upcoming products. Historically, I’ve noticed that I’m not good at concentrating on more than one project at a time; that’s fine when you are working on small 20-page products but I’ve got a couple of whoppers in the pipeline and they’ll inevitably be spending a long time in design during which I’ll still be working on my normal array of products. Thus, if I ever want to get them complete, I need to start making preparations – brainstorming encounters, listing stat block requirements and so on.

Up this week is the release of Henchfolk & Hirelings, which I designed in conjunction with Andy Glenn and Christian Alipounarian. My part of the project was the mechanics of finding and recruiting henchfolk while Andy and Christian designed 100 NPCs that a GM can use to portray those answering a PC’s call. They did a great job of fleshing out compelling NPCs and so I’ve posted a free sample on the Henchfolk & Hirelings product page so you can see exactly what I mean!

Also this week I’ll be completing my first edit of Wererats of the Roach-Run Sewers and taking a first run through John Bennet’s Bugbears of the Frozen Tears (a webpage for which I need to build!) Later this month, I’ll also be releasing Raging Swan’s largest product to date – TRIBES: Anthology I and so I’ve got final preparations for that to  make also.

I hope everyone has a great week and avoid a TPK!