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Weeknote 6/6

I took most of last week off (and had a great mini-break) but this means I’ve got extra to do this week! In no particularly order I have to:

Release the next four shields in my Stock Art: Shields line. By Marc Radle these next four shields show the devices of evil fighters, tribes of humanoid raiders and so on. This batch are probably  more for publishers than players but those seeking a sigil for their bloodthirsty fighter or barbarian should definitely check them out!

Add Design Partners pages to ragingswan.com. Last month I started my Design Partners initiative. While I haven’t spoken about this initiative publically yet, it is time for me to explain all on my website and to start building my Design Partners’ pages.

Final review of Henchfolk & Hirelings. As well as having my skilled editing minions look over each release, I also review every document at least twice to expunge all errors! I’m halfway through my final review of this supplement. It releases on June 16th so I also need to crack on.

I’m also halfway through my first review and layout of Landon Bellavia’s Wererats of the Roach-Run Sewers. Landon’s done a disturbingly good job at breathing life into these odious creatures and I’m keen to get this to my reviewers.

On the strength of  Wererats of the Roach-Run Sewers I’ve commissioned Brandon to start work on another as yet unnamed project. I’ve just received his first outline and I’m looking forward to delving into it and seeing what he has come up with!

My real problem this week is deciding which project to do first! Anyway, I hope everyone has a fun week.