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Weeknote 30/5

Villains2_Front_CoverLast week I completed pretty much everything I had planned to achieve. Villains II is now complete and ready for release and I’ve completed my last pass through TRIBES Anthology I. I’ve also completed my first editing and layout pass through Wererats of the Roach-Run Sewers, which is shaping up to be a great product. (It’s so great, I’m already talking with Landon about another product!)

I also released the first four shields in Marc Radle’s Stock Art: Shields line and they’ve been received well.

In another bit of exciting news, David Posener has joined me on Caves & Caverns and will be adding 20 pages of ready made crunchy encounters enabling GMs to run funky random encounters with little or no preparation.

This week, I’m planning a somewhat quieter week as I’m taking a brief holiday later on. I will, of course, be releasing Villains II later this week, which I think Martin Tideswell did a fantastic job on. The villains are suitably depraved and steeped in evil and I think any of them will make an excellent opponent for high-level PCs. (You can review the table of contents and download a free sample villain, here.) Beyond that, I’ll be taking my final read through of Henchfolk & Hirelings and cleaning up any final errors or discrepancies and enjoying my holiday!

Finally, stay tuned for an exciting announcement about Villains II later this week!