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For two glorious weeks, I've been taking it easy on the writing front, but with the New Year festivities over it is time to get back to the coal face!

Troglodytes of the Tentacled One is all but finished, requiring only a final edit to be ready for publishing. I also received the final draft of Antipaladins from Martin Tideswell over the festive period. With all the stat blocking already complete, Antipaldins is on course for an end of January release date.

So this week my plan is to put TotTO (which when you write it like that looks like an 80’s soft rock group) to bed and start reviewing Antipaladins. I'll also be sending out Fellowship of the Blackened Oak (a February release) for review.

In other news, December was the best month for sales yet and I haven't even got the sales figured from Amazon! If those numbers are good, I'm considering changing my Free PDF promotion to a permanent fixture of Raging Swan's offering. (To explain, over Christmas I received a number of triple play DVDs, which gave you a free digital copy of the film. As a consumer I really appreciate the offer and as a publisher I'm thinking it would be cool to provide the same thing to my customers).

I even had a super-cool idea for a full-size module over Christmas and spent some time making notes on the general concept and background. I seriously doubt the module will be available until at least June because I enjoy writing smaller pieces such as the Tribes line but it feels good to be considering something the length and depth of Retribution again.

All in all, it is already shaping up to be a great year!


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