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Broken Freelancers II


(Art: William McAusland [Outland Arts])

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been slaving away over the submissions for Broken Freelancers II. This time around, I had fewer entries than for the original Broken Freelancers open call, but the overall standard was much higher - making my job trickier! (In fact, sifting through the top 12 encounters was particularly difficult as there was so little to choose between them).

In any event, over the last week I’ve narrowed down the submissions to the final eight. The finalists (in no particular order) are:

  • Mark Hoover: The Vulture King (EL 9)

  • Kiel Howell: The Creeping Coins (EL 10)

  • Christopher Wasko: The Carrion Hunter (EL 4)

  • Mikael Berg & Jens Demandt Mouritsen: Desert Rose (EL 6)

  • Fabian Fehrs: Children of the Sky (EL var.)

  • Nick Wasko: Mojepe’s Grove (EL 9)

  • Daron Woodson: Lenate the Lovesick (EL 6

  • Jacob W. Michaels: The Sting of Sun and Sand (EL 6)

The next step, is to begin my deep edits of the final eight encounters to prepare them for publication in Random Encounters: Wilderness II, which releases in July. During the editing process, I’ll also determine the top two finalists who’ll be invited to design Village Backdrops for Gibbous Moon and Dwellers Amid Bones.

Once I’ve reached that phase, I’ll announce the winners here!

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I have to admit I hadn't even noticed that there was an open call this time. Since Facebook has changed how many news feeds you see at any given time, I almost never get anything like this popping up.

I know that I've pretty well given up on Facebook for keeping up with things like this. Paizo's 3PP boards, G+, company blogs, and just good old fashioned word of mouth (well...word of email really) are how I usually end up hearing about these contests.

-Kiel Howell

I've set my Paizo forum account so that it only shows me posts that I've posted in so I can keep up to date on what I feel is necessary. Other than that, all other threads are closed to me so I never seen anything.

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