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Deep Magic: Ioun Blast!


Rather excitingly, the Deep Magic Kickstarter has crushed its 105k target and so I’ve got the go ahead to start working on Ioun magic! Deep Magic is now in its last few hours so if you want to snag some really cool rewards you need to act now! If Wolfgang gets enough backers he is even starting a new adventure path, which is a gigantic undertaking!

In other ioun stone-related news I’ve started my background reading on these rather cool and iconic magic items. My main research book turned up in the post today – within its covers lies the first ever mention of ioun stones! I’m going to bravely (and even heroically) take it to the beach tomorrow and learn all there is to know about ioun stones!


In the meantime, if you want to learn more about ioun stones, this is an excellent place to start.

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Nicely timed, with Jack Vance so lately deceased. (He came within a whisker of being killed at Pearl Harbor in 1941.) I remember reading RtM as a teenager. RIP.

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