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Borderland of Adventure: Rest & Recuperation

BoAWhen we last left our heroes, they had just returned to Ratikhill after having aided their friend Hemgor in claiming the baronial seat of Tumbledown. What was assumed to be a relatively simple task had turned into a hellish nightmare in which several of the party had almost lost their lives. Hemgor had not accompanied his companions as he had much to accomplish in his new home. Similarly, with the weather still unsuitable for long journeys the party had returned to their home base to rest and recuperate.

The party rested for several months and during that time their conversation turned to the matter of the pirates of Dekspoint and the shadowy figure who may have been behind last year’s orcish incursion that climaxed in the Battle of the Loftwood in which several of the party were instrumental in turning back the orcish horde.

Dekspoint was going to be a hard place to reach. Almost surrounded by dense woodland, but a sliver of relatively clear coastal plain seemed the easiest route to the town. Almost 300 miles separated Ratikhill from Dekspoint. Roughly half of that distance lay within Ratik’s civilised borders but the rest either led through dense forest or a no man’s land of independent fiefs and villages. The only other course open to them was a daring ride through the Bone March along the Loftwood’s southern bounds, but everyone agreed that was suicide).

Borderland Area

Of course, the party could always choose to travel by sea but Dekspoint was a nest of piracy and it seemed unlikely the party could approach safely that way. (Coupled with this were the troubling rumours of a green dragon either leading or aiding the pirates on their raids).

Thus after much discussion, the party decided to travel to Ratik’s easternmost settlement – the coastal town of White Moon Cove – and the nearby Fangwood Keep before striking out for Dekspoint. With their general travel plans agreed, the party’s minds turned to provisioning themselves for such a long journey…

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