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What Adventure Next?


Now The Sunken Pyramid is finished and its release is imminent (in fact you can already get the free version), my thoughts are naturally turning to the next module. (I do love writing modules!) The Sunken Pyramid was jolly fun to write – I know both Marc and myself very much enjoyed the challenge of writing an underwater adventure – but I think for my next project I’m going to focus on a “dry” adventure.

I’m considering writing a module set on The Lonely Coast – Raging Swan’s free mini-campaign setting – and setting it at one of the region’s iconic locales. I’ve set up a poll on Raging Swan’s Facebook page to see which of the locales garners the most interest. The adventure will in all likelihood be for around 3rd-6th level characters and will release next year.

I’d be most grateful for your vote!

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I too enjoy writing modules. presently I'm working on a mini-campaign setting myself so I get where you're coming from. I won't share my favorites but there's one kind of dungeon or module I've been looking for from Paizo or a good 3PP that I haven't seen yet...

Kingmaker 2 wrote a check for it they failed to cash and I was dissatisfied with the way shattered star approached the subject. I want a horrors from beyond dark tapestry themed dungeon really badly. I'm sure I'm not alone.

Re: module suggestions

I sense a fellow Lovecraft fan!

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