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Weeknote 29/4

It’s Wilderness Week here at Raging Swan Press!

On Tuesday, we release Wilderness Dressing: Swamps by my “good” self.


Later, on Thursday, Greg Marks pounces with Wilderness Dressing: Travellers. (Greg has got cats, so he knows how to pounce).

Travellers_frontOn the work front, I’ve got quite a busy week ahead of me. In no particular order, I’m planning to:

Complete layout and the first edit of Dungeon Dressing: Legends. I’m jolly excited to see what Pierre has come up with. I’ve worked with Pierre on and off on many projects – this is his second job for Raging Swan Press – and I’ve always been impressed with his ability to create believable and compelling NPCs and situations. Thus far, though I haven’t had a chance to get into his manuscript. This week, that all changes!

Complete the second edit and PDFing of 100% Crunch: Orogs.

Complete the second edit and PDFing of Dungeon Denizens: EL 3.

Complete my first edit of The Sunken Pyramid. This is a whopper of a job – the module is standing at around 50,000 words at the moment and this is the first of two edits I need to complete. This is why, my week looks quite empty – reading and marking up this baby is going to take some time!

Also (and quite thrillingly) I’ll be working through April’s sales figures and plugging them into my Gigantic Spreadsheet of Numbers. I’m quite anal about keeping track of sales and so on and while I wouldn’t say it’s particularly exciting, it is a necessary evil.

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to the game on Wednesday night (I’m actually playing, not GMing) and a local convention – Legionary – this weekend. If you are heading to the con, drop me a line – it might be fun to meet up. I can bore you senseless tell you about my character!