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Weeknote 26/11

This week, Raging Swan Press is releasing three products! That’s right, three!

First up (on Tuesday) we have Village Backdrops: Apia and it attendant Village Map for GMs and publishers. By Ben Kent, Apia presents a idyllic village ripe for a visit by wandering adventurers!


Next up (on Thursday) we have All That Glimmers – a massive compilation by Landon Bellavia, Creighton Broadhurst, Richard Green, Ben Kent, Thomas King, Andrew J. Martin, Julian Neale, Chad Perrin, Trevor Self and Liz Smith of all things shiny and valuable. Perfect for a GM looking for unique, personalised treasures ready to drop directly into a home campaign. All That Glimmers is also available in print and PDF/print bundle formats at Paizo.

Glimmers_frontThis week, I’ve got a couple of projects to complete. Last week, I completed my first edit and layout pass of So What’s The Tavern Like, Anyway? II and this week I’m going to take my last pass through the supplement. Given that Richard Green wrote it, I doubt it will take me long!

I’ll also be starting on editing the stat blocks for 100% Crunch: Skeletal Champions and I need to get some more work done on The Sunken Pyramid. Last week, I completed four more pages of the adventure and I’m keen to keep my momentum going!

Beyond that, I’m awaiting the final version of the village map for Denton’s End and I’ve got some additional work to complete on the basic template for the Wilderness Dressing line that premiers in January with Wilderness Dressing: Woodlands

So a busy week, but a fun week!

Tags: 100% crunch skeletal champions, all that glimmers, so what's the tavern like anyway? ii, the sunken pyramid, village backdrops: apia, village backdrops: denton's end, weeknote
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