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Caves & Caverns in Print


Last year, Raging Swan Press released Caves & Caverns – a 90-odd page PDF dealing with running cool and innovative underground encounters. Not only did it present pages of interesting underground features and random encounter tables it also included dozens of ready-to-go encounters that could be dropped into almost any adventure featuring underground exploration.

Designed by myself along with David Posener the PDF has been successful enough to warrant a print version which is rather marvellous news! (Actually, I should have done this months ago – but I never seem to get the time to go back and revisit older releases.)

Anyway, the requisite files are now at the printers and hopefully within a couple of weeks books will be available for purchase at Amazon US, Amazon UK and the Paizo store. At the Amazons you’ll only be able to purchase physical copies (although my Free PDF deal still stands) but I’ll also have a PDF/print bundle available at Paizo for your entertainment pleasure.

You can download free samples of Caves & Caverns here.


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