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Weeknote 8/10 (A Cracking Pair)


This week, Raging Swan Press has been so busy that we are releasing two instalments of the Dungeon Dressing line! So if you need information about corpses or secret doors, Raging Swan’s brave and heroic freelancers have got you covered! In Dungeon Dressing: Corpses, David Posener provides loads of information for a GM to breath life into the corpses of adventurers and dungeon dwellers alike while in Dungeon Dressing: Secret Doors designer Greg Marks has crafted lots of unique and interesting features to add to your dungeon’s secret doors.


In other news, work continues on a variety of projects. There is never a dull moment here!

Last week, after having done my monthly figures, I took a long, hard look at the sales of a variety of supplements and have decided to do a print version of Caves & Caverns. The PDF version has sold rather well and so I’m interested to see how the print version does. I’ve sent off the cover design to my Cover Supremo to create a print-worthy version and I hope that the print version should be available by early November.

This week, I suspect I shall be spending the majority of my time slaving over Julian Neale’s lich creations for 100% Crunch: Liches. Stat blocks are time-consuming at the best of times, but liches are “relatively” complicated and checking through the 50 or so stat blocks Julian has created will be an interesting challenge. No doubt I’ll break them up into easy chunks otherwise I’ll be going number blind by the end of the week.

I’ve also got to create a web page for All That Glimmers a rather cool compilation product I decided to create last week. All That Glimmers is a collection of the “So What” range that focuses on treasures. Within its 150 or so pages GMs will discover literally hundreds of unique, detailed treasures ready for immediate use in their campaign. I think it will be a very useful book and I’m shooting for a late November launch.

Beyond that, it’s business as usual. Have a great week all!

Tags: all that glimmers, caves & caverns, dungeon dressing corpses, dungeon dressing secret doors
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