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Weeknote 1/10


This week, Raging Swan Press is releasing So What’s The Riddle Like, Anyway? by Liz Smith. If you’ve ever wanted to include riddles in your game, this is the product for you! It contains both scores of sample riddles but also an extensive discussion on how to design and use riddles in your game. You can check out free samples, by hitting the link above.

In other news, I’ve got lots going on this week. Obviously, its the start of a new month and so as you read this I’ll likely be collating last month’s sales. This is particularly significant this month as I’ll be devoting quite a lot of time this week to plotting the early 2013 release schedule. 2012 has been a crazy busy year so far and I’ve learnt lots of lessons. I’m keen to put them into practice for next year’s release schedule (and of course to start contracting for those early releases).

This week, I’ll also be working on my final edit of Dungeon Dressing: Doors and my final additions to So What’s The Mount Like, Anyway?

100% Crunch: Zombies is also coming on nicely. Julian has gracefully provided a few additional stat blocks to fill in some empty space at the higher CRs and so I’ll be adding those in as well as making final corrections to the already included stat blocks.

Finally, I’m hoping to be able to finish off Dwellers Amid Bones. The module itself is finished, but when I put together the art order I rather stupidly forgot to send my rough map through to Tom Fayen. Tom has rather marvellously offered to redo the map (although obviously the delay is all my fault) and I’m hoping to be able to add that in this week.

So, a jolly busy week! I hope yours is less chaotic!