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Borderland of Adventure: Sons of Gruumsh Supplemental


Over the last two sessions, my campaign has been dealing with the PCs’ attack on Xul-Jarak and its consequences (the PCs fleeing back to Ratik to warn Lord Nanther of the massing orc army). During their attack, sadly, Hemgor and his two henchmen fell before the orc defenders of that place. However, none of the three actually died. Instead of killing them outright the orcs dragged them into the bowels of Xul-Jarak to join the adventurers already incarcerated below to await their bloody fate at the climax of the Bloodspear ritual.

So this week, we are taking a break from the main party to focus on Hemgor’s escape attempt! Players of the PCs who have already made it back to Ratik are taking on the roles of the other incarcerated adventurers. Their challenge is to escape before they take a staring role in the Bloodspear ritual. The additional adventurers are:

  • Argen Bruil: LG male human paladin 3
  • Eliant Marsk: LN male human aristocrat 2/cleric 2
  • Kalman Leiyraghon: CN male human aristocrat 3/sorcerer 1
  • Kara Calaudra: CG female half-elf aristocrat 2/wizard 2
  • Oreal Nanther: CG male human aristocrat 2/ranger 2

If some or all make it out of Xul-Jarak, it will be jolly cool and a great success for Hemgor whose companions left him for dead. (I wonder how his player will roleplay that!) More importantly, the Bloodspear ritual will not be completed and the orc leader (Thrull) will not gain Gruumsh’s blessing.

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Nice role reversal. Escape games always seemed like they'd be fun to me.

"And then there was a roaring rampage of revenge."

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