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Raging Swan Press in Print at Paizo!

Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands

Last month, I finally worked out a way of getting Raging Swan’s print products into the Paizo store while dodging ruinous postage costs. (Living in the UK represents a whole set of logistical problems not pertinent to selling PDFs!)

Now, every Raging Swan product currently in print is now available and the nice chaps at Paizo have set up a category for them so they are easy to find. So, if you’ve been eyeing up some of Raging Swan’s products but didn’t want to buy them on Paizo, now’s your chance!

I’m also interested to know if you’d be interested to see any of Raging Swan’s current back catalogue in print. Top of the heap of supplements to consider are Caves & Caverns and Henchfolk & Hirelings, both of which have done well as PDFs. Please let me know in the comments below or over on Raging Swan’s Facebook page.

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Awesome. I'll have to check out my Raging Swan library and decide if there are any I'd like to see in print.

For the record, my GM notebook is getting quite full with your "So What's (X) Like, Anyways" printouts. Keep releasing such good stuff and I'm going to have to upgrade to a tablet computer to keep it on-hand!

By which I mean, please keep releasing good stuff, because not only will I have awesome Raging Swan stuff, but I'll also have a nifty new tablet!

Keep up the great work.

Thanks, Doug!

I also do the same - I have a very thick binder with all the So What's printed out. I also have them on my iPad which makes finding them very easy during a game. (if you get an iPad let me know and I'll contact Apple for a commission


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