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Weeknote 30/7

Frost Giant Pirates of the Icy Heart_front

I had a great week last week. While I didn’t get everything finished I’d hoped for, lots of things went right. Raging Swan picked up another couple of five-star reviews and I’ve practically finished sorting out something pretty mega – that hopefully I’ll be able to talk about later in the week.

This week, Raging Swan Press is releasing Frost Giant Pirates of the Icy Heart. If you are in some dire need of rather atypical pirates for your campaign, check out the free samples that have emerged from Ben Kent’s fevered imagination. After all, it’s not every day PCs get attacked by frost giants sailing an enchanted iceberg that serves as the lair for a brood of white dragons!

In other news, I completed my work on Dungeon Dressing: Altars last week and made a decent dent in 100% Crunch Skeletons. This week, I’ll be finishing off my first pass through the bazillion stat blocks designer Julian Neale sent me and taking my first run through Gibbous Moon (which I’m also hoping to playtest over the next few weeks). Gibbous Moon is my first serious attempt at writing a short, side trek-style adventure. I’m pretty happy with it to date – but playtestng always reveals useful stuff! Interestingly, it has been a real challenge to get a decent amount of module into ten pages and I’m looking forward to seeing how it is received in September.

Beyond that, I’ve got the typical end of month stuff to do – tabulating sales, paying freelancers and so on; it’s going to be a busy week!

Tags: 100% crunch skeletons, dungeon dressing: altars, frost giant pirates of the icy heart, gibbous moon
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