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Expeditions into the Wilderlands I

Rivers RUN rED

In early Harvester 579, a small band of heroes gathered in the borderland realm of Barony Thorn. Comprising three dwarves and a human from North Province the group had travelled south in response to the rumours of increasing troll incursions into the north of the Bone March. (At least this was why the dwarves had come to Barony Thorn, the human – Tatianna [a necromancer] – was interested in the history of the island of Candlemere and the ruins thereon).

However, before they could investigate the rumours of trolls moving north, they were approached by Oleg – Seneschal of Castle Thorn. It transpired that Baroness Pythia and her brave companions had travelled south into the lost lands over a month ago to investigate a ruined elven tower hidden somewhere in the trackless woodland covering much of the area. Neither Pythia or any of her companions had remerged from the woodlands and Oleg was very concerned for her safety. He asked the heroes to retrace her steps and to discover what had befallen her.

Of course, the heroes agreed (particularly after Oleg mentioned they would be rewards by Pythia when they rescued her).

After making a few preparations, they party headed into the wilderness. Their first days travel was easy and uneventful and as night fell they camped on the very fringes of the woodland into which Pythia had disappeared.

Sadly, their night was not uneventful.

Halfway through the night, a marauding band of a half-dozen trolls approached the camp – perhaps drawn by the party’s campfire or the sound of the party’s horses.


Luckily, Domnar was on watch and he noticed the approaching trolls. However, although he shouted a warning his companions were unprepared for combat.


As the rest of the party spilled from their tents, the trolls closed – eager for battle and food. Geli cleverly used soften earth to mud to slow down over half the attackers and Tatianna repeatedly smashed them with fire and lightning. All the trolls survived this holocaust of magic and eventually reached the camp.


In short order, the party’s horses were slain and the trolls were among the tents. Geli cowered in the tent, while Domnar and Kao bravely stood their ground. Tatianna darted about , using her magic as she could; luckily she used glitterdust to blind several trolls (that subsequently fled).

The party’s prowess began to tell and slowly one by one the trolls fell – victims to Tatianna’s magic and Domnar’s and Kao’s prowess. By the time the last troll fell, every member of the party had sustained wounds and both Geli and Tatianna had expended almost all their magics…

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