raging_swan (raging_swan) wrote,

Borderland of Adventure Interlude


Last week, our party of heroes finally completed their exploration of The Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands. At the end of the session, the party returned to the nearby frontier town of Piren’s Bluff to rest, recuperate and plan. It was rapidly decided that the party would now turn their attention to the lost home of the famed dwarven smith Durgeddin the Black. The hold, Khundrukar, has lain lost for a hundred years or so, but just before the turn of the new year, Adoven finally determined its apparent location – about three days journey north of Blasingdell, a small mining town standing in the very shadows of the Rakers. The hold stands in an area of heavily forested hill within a local landmark knows as The Stone Tooth.

Sadly, we didn’t play this week because the session fell on my wife’s 21st birthday. But in reality it was a great time for a break as it gives everyone a little more time to plan their exploration. We’ll resume next week as the PCs are about to leave Piren’s Bluff. I’m sure their journey will be boring and uneventful…

Tags: borderland of adventure, forge of fury, greyhawk, pathfindr
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