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Weeknote 2/1

Welcome to my first weeknote of 2012! I’m still getting up to speed after the Christmas/New Year break so this week is going to be a sedate, easy one for me (hopefully!) I’m not releasing a PDF this week. I’m giving myself a chance to ease into the year easily and so Aasimar: Heirs of Glory will release next week.

I made some slight progress over the holiday, completing my edits for Aasimar: Heirs of Glory and layout and first edit for Cultists of Havra Zhoul. This week, I’ll be creating and updating webpages for both products. I’ll also be solidifying my plans for the first part of the year. The last two months have been fantastic for Raging Swan – my two top months for sales since I started this crazy adventure. I’m obviously rather keen to build on that momentum, but I’m also mindful that January and February are probably not the greatest time to do a sales drive!

In other news, by the end of the week I should have the feedback from the playtest for Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands. Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands is my two-year anniversary product, releasing as it will in March. Its a homage to the Moathouse of Temple of Elemental Evil fame and I’m extremely keen to see how it is received.

I’ve also got to start working on a rather cool compendium in association with Julian Neale. He’s done a lot of the research and now I have to start laying out the manuscript. I’ll probably start that next week, but sadly its going to be a massive job! Currently its 240 pages of information that need to be laid out, edited and formatted. Don’t look for it any time soon!

I’ll also be putting out a call for freelancers later this week for people to work on my “So What" line. If you are interested, drop me a line.

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What's the So What line?

It's a GM resource that enables a GM to answer a specific quetion. For example, So What's For Sale Anyway? presented hundreds of lists of magic items for sale in a variety of settlements. The intention is to allow GMs to effortlessly add flavour and depth to his adventure and campaign.

Sounds very handy! I just had a look on your site and think I'll pick up So What It's Called as it looks like this will be just as useful for 4e. Do you know what other areas you want to cover? I'd be interested in doing something else like this if you need freelancers. I've just finished a big project for Open Design so have time available.

That's jolly decent of you! Yes, So What's It Called would definitely work for any fantasy system. So What's For Sale, Anyway, is really only for Pathfinder (and I guess 3.5). I have some Pathfinder-centric ideas, but I guess you are a 4e man! It's your challenge to come up with a subject that would work in both systems - I'd be delighted to get you on board. Take a look at So What's It Called and have a think.

Cool - will download it tomorrow and see if I can come up with something. I did wonder about non-magical treasure tables. See these posts I wrote for Daily Encounter:



Funnily enough, I have a similar product planned. That idea sounds great! Once you've checked out So What drop me a line at creighton [at] ragingswan [dot] com

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