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Gygax On…Gunpowder

In my first Gygax On… post I thought I’d start with something a bit controversial – gunpowder. Gunpowder, guns and their use in fantasy games is one of those issues that really divides the play base. Paizo recently released the gunslinger class in Ultimate Combat and their message boards are filled with threads both defending and attacking the class and its weapons.

So what did Gary have to say?

“Players have tried to convince me to allow the use of gunpowder in my AD&D campaign. From one standpoint, the thought is tempting. Just imagine kobolds, the most inconsequential of humanoid monsters, armed with Uzi submachine guns – now there’s a monster that would strike terror in the heart of even the most powerful PC! Likewise, regenerating trolls plying bayoneted rifles might be pure joy to the harassed Dungeon Master looking for a way to put self-important PCs in their place. But the game is medieval fantasy, and the spirit is magic, not technology. Despite my (unexpected by the players) temptation to allow its use just to show them, the idea had to be rejected.  The time spent in dealing with it and then having them reject it would be wasted.”

Role-playing Mastery [page 51], Gary Gygax,

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