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Weeknote 3/10

It’s crazy. As I write this, I’m also putting up a ceiling. You wouldn’t think it, but I am! Once I’ve done the ceiling, I’m going to get back to Raging Swan stuff.

Last week was pretty successful. I finished my deep edit of Caves & Caverns and only discovered I “needed” to add six pages of material (two encounters and a section on illumination - which I suddenly realised was “quite” important when running encounters underground). Over the weekend, I completed those six pages and now only have a couple of random tables to complete and some other stuff like adding in reference page numbers. Then, I’m done! (Which means rather marvellously that I can get back to Shadowed Keep on the Borderland next week!)

This week, Raging Swan is releasing Wondrous Treasures – a quasi-compilation of the Player’s Resources focusing on magic items. Wondrous Treasures only presents the official versions of the magic items, so if your GM only likes to go with the normal version of each item, you don’t have to worry about paying for stuff you’ll never use.

I’ll also be completing my first edit of Kai’s Scoundrels this week and doing layout. Kai’s Scoundrels is by Ben Kent and focuses on a group of smugglers a GM could easily drop into his campaign. Its Ben’s first piece for Raging Swan and having read it I can guarantee it won’t be his last!

October is shaping up to be a busy month, but one that I’m looking forward to immensely.