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Weeknote 19/9

Last week I made some grand plans as to what I was going to achieve and I succeeded on most of them. However, once again I failed to get Caves & Caverns complete. Luckily this isn’t because I’m useless and can’t manage my time. Rather, I keep thinking of encounters and things to add to the project! Last week, I removed some pages that were just not working for me and added in four new encounters. I’m still adding more, so I don’t know when I’ll be finished!

This week, I’ll be continuing my work on Caves & Caverns and preparing the first draft of a new project that will soon have a web page. I also have received the first draft of Kai’s Scoundrels by Ben Kent (which I thoroughly enjoyed!) I hope to release Kai’s Scoundrels ( a band of sneaky smugglers) next month and I’ll be building a webpage for it this week. Also, this week designer Julian Neale returns with So What’s For Sale Anyway? II. Building on the success of So What’s For Sale, Anyway? Julian has added in both cursed items and NPCs to sell the items to the PCs.

So all in all, another jolly busy week!