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Weeknote 5/9

Well after a less than productive (or indeed sunny) summer holiday, Raging Swan is back in full effect! I’ve got a fair amount of stuff to get done this week.

Release Schedule: I seem to have lots of projects almost ready to go that I didn’t intend to actually make or release! The ever productive Julian Neale has bombarded me with stuff recently while other designers have (sadly for real life reasons) sought extensions on some of their projects. Thus, it’s time for a reorganisation. I hate not having a plan and at the moment I don’t feel like I have a plan.

Release Stuff: I’ve got another set of Marc Radle’s lovely Shield Stock Art series and a PLAYER’S RESOURCE – Robes of Useful Items to release this week.

Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands: Sadly, progress on Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands has somewhat stalled over the holiday. This must change! Shadowed Keep has reminded me how much I enjoy writing adventures and so I’ve got to get back into this project. I’m going to devote a couple of days of work time to getting a couple of thousand words under my belt. Victory will be mine.

Other than that, it’s a pretty normal week. Have a good week and may your dice roll better than mine…