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other Time based considerations...

Fame: Word travels so fast today that its hard to remember that things like the battle of New Orleans happened in 1814 because neither side was aware of the peace treaty signed by the UK and US several weeks before the battle. Such is also the case with heroic reputations.

Enemies: That goblin tribe you wiped out in the first adventure had a surviving member who became an archery focused ranger. He has trained others and there's about a dozen goblins and various other monsterous humanoids with class levels following in your wake. Individually they were speed bumps to the next big challenge, collectively they are a dangerous and capable foe motivated by vengeance.

If as a GM you love recurring villains, keeping track of their development is another time consideration.

Calendar events: Yearly festivals, eclipses, special ceremonies, the migrations of the strige, and the mating season of the forest drake can all be events that reward timekeeping and add immersion.

Re: other Time based considerations...

I never thought to approach it from the villain's point of view. Great point! I'll be adding it to my list! Thanks for commenting.

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