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The Sunken Pyramid is at the Printers!


I’m super happy!

Finally, The Sunken Pyramid is done and at the printers! While I’ve still got some bits and bobs to attend to – creating a free version (available next week), building some web enhancements and so on – the module itself is complete!

It’s been a jolly long road (or should that be voyage) and in a few weeks time the module will be available in print and PDF in all the normal places. I thought – to celebrate and to drive you into a frenzy of lust for the module – I’d show off some of Marc Radle’s awesome artwork.

Nahuatal – the sahuagins’ master – contemplating a tasty snack of adventurer:

Devil Shark

A sahuagin (plotting your PCs’ demise):


The Sharkjaw Skeleton – a new undead monster created by Marc.

shark jaw skeleton grey

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Looking forward to this one.

Who drew the art? Very cool!

Marc Radle drew the three pieces above. He did most of the art - and all the maps. They are rather good aren't they!

They're great! I might need to get in touch with him....

Edited at 2013-06-05 05:52 pm (UTC)

if you want his details, just let me know

Cheers - think I've got them but will let you know

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