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Weeknote 25/3

Before I get into my normal weeknote, I wanted just to mention that Raging Swan’s Birthday 33% off sale starts tomorrow at d20Pfsrd, e23 and Paizo and runs through to the end of the month. If you’ve been thinking of grabbing any Raging Swan products (or fancy trying us for the first time) now is the perfect time to strike!

Of course, Raging Swan isn’t stopping there as this week we release four new or newish products!

On Tuesday, for the first time ever, The Lonely Coast, Dark Waters Rising and The Village of Swallowfeld are all available in print (and even better are 20% off).


Then, later in the week on Thursday, Raging Swan Press releases Village Backdrop: White Moon Cove by Marc Radle.Part of the Village Backdrop series, the supplement also ties into the upcoming The Sunken Pyramid (also by Marc and myself).


On the work front, I’ve got tons to do this week. I have final edits and PDFs to complete for Village Backdrop: Hosford, Urban Dressing: Temples, Dungeon Denizens: EL 2 and Dungeon Dressing: Doom Paintings. I’m also working on my first edit of Dungeon Dressing: Fiendish Traps.

In terms of design, I’m working on Wilderness Dressing: Swamps and The Sunken Pyramid this week.

So as you can see, a crazy busy week but hopefully a very enjoyable week!


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