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More on Great Maps


Last week, I posted a short blog on what I thought was one of the best dungeon maps of all time. The post spawned several conversations both here and over at Raging Swan’s facebook page. I invited readers to suggest other great maps and I got several cool ideas. The maps from the original Ravenloft module came up a lot as did those in the Desert of Desolation series.

Shockingly all the modules listed appeared in modules with Tracy and Laura Hickman listed as designers and two of them used isometric maps to stunning effect.

I’m wondering now if I should feature some isometric maps in upcoming Raging Swan modules!

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Although I maintain that they were terrible modules, the first couple Dragonlance modules had beautiful maps, and that one, from DL1, was one of my all-time favourites.

I "repurposed" it and sneak it into my games every couple of years.

They're hard to pull off...but worth the risk! Give it a shot.

I think as long as it fit on one page, it would be OK. It's jus crazy big ones that are a nightmare to handle.

Hmmm, I like them to look at but they are awfully hard to draw on the battlemat. Can you do the normal one too?

That's a rather good idea.

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