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Great stuff! Really glad it's been a good year, and I hope this year is even better ;)

I thought about moving to Word Press but I'm sticking with Livejournal for now, particularly after they got the statistics working again properly. I still might move in the future as many people in the D&D/gaming field seem to be on there.



Thanks for a great year of bloging


Just wanted to add my congratulations. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and have used the bar brawls and will run the Shadowed Keep soon. Very inseprational for my own campaigns.

Keep up the good work!


Re: Thanks for a great year of bloging

Thanks very much for the kind words - I much appreciate them. Did your player enjoy their barroom brawl?

Also, if you are going to use Shadowed Keep make sure to grab all the freebies on the modules webpage - hopefully you'll find them useful.

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