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Sounds like it was an epic session. Out of curiousity, what level are the PCs?

We have four 4th-level characters (although two have just reached 5th) and a 1st-level bard (who is Klara's henchman).


Level 4... two leveled to 5 at the end of the combat (and after training for several weeks) The heroic Bard is level 1.

I would comment that the sentance 'Krotz bravely held one flank, holding off two goblin warriors' is a bit generous, though in fairness there were three goblins... who after 3-4 rounds of combat were so un-afraid of Kortz's weapon swings, the only reason he killed one of them is cos' the poor creature was so crying with laughter that it couldent see the blow comming!

The 'heroic' bard from my recollection ineffectually fired arrows for about half the battle and then feigned death to save his neck.

Also I recall that Krortz the Rogue slew two of the three Goblins he faced and if any of them were stupid enough to have been laughing they must have regretted it afterwards.

I'm pretty sure everyone shot arrows ineffectually!

On an unrelated note, I wonder who will fight who in our high-level death match?

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