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I’m jolly proud of the quality of Raging Swan’s releases, and I put a lot of effort into making sure that each supplement is as good as it can possibly be (without going mad!) That’s why it is so nice to get good reviews. In the last week or so, Raging Swan’s products have garnered four reviews of four-star or above! That’s tremendous and I’m very grateful to the reviewers who spend the time to read and comment on Raging Swan’s products. What’s also great about getting reviews is that you also gain insights into what would have made the product better, which helps develop and augment subsequent products.

That said, I’m always looking for more people to review Raging Swan’s products. If you’d like to review a product I’d be delighted to send you a free PDF (via RPG Now) of the product of your choice. In return, I’d like you to post an honest review of the product at RPG Now and Paizo. If you are interested in writing a review, drop me a line to gatekeeper [at] ragingswan [dot] com with a note of the product you are interested in.


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