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What were the players' reactions to finding out that they had been playing in different areas of the same campaign? That's a fantastic idea! Someday I may have to steal it.

Well, they did know (sadly). Really the two adventuring groups is really my attempt to not force people to do things their characters wouldn't do. A couple of weeks ago, we hit a real juncture where characters wanted to do lots of different things. It was a little bit harder work for prepping etc. but it really paid off I think as no-one is forced to compromise their character. And of course, we have a decent pool of characters now from which to draw if something should go horribly wrong...

Actually, I meant the kingmaker game. Look forward to the continuing adventures!

Ah. Sorry, misunderstood. Yes, I am rather happy the way everything has come together. The timing is almost perfect! Not bad for over two years or real-time gaming!

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