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Borderland of Adventure “Series Finale”

BoASadly, this week illness has once again stalked our gaming group and Red Hodges was unable to make it (in fact he also cancelled his Monday night game so I’ve had not a lot of gaming this week). Normally, we’d play on if we had only one player missing – there are six of us after all and the party would probably not suffer terribly if Kortz wasn’t present.

This time, however, I cancelled the session. I mainly took this step, because we are moving to a crucial stage of the campaign. As regular readers will know, an orcish threat has arisen in the Loftwood and the PCs have been working to understand and stymie the orc’s plans. They’ve been pretty successful, but not successful enough to forestall the invasion completely. The next few weeks will deal with the party’s attempts to aid Ratik’s forces in turning back the invasion.

In my mind, this is a series finale of sorts – events have been slowly building to this for some time now and I didn’t want to start the “season finale” without one of the groups original characters not present. I’ve never really had a “season finale” in my campaign before. While every adventure has a finale (obviously), most adventures are not really long enough to be qualify as a season finale in my mind and while I have successfully ended campaigns before because the story has been so tightly focused, we immediately started something else new as running other adventures would have been an anti-climax.

So, next week we’ll be returning to Ratikhill and Ratik’s gathering army to see how the party (and Ratik’s army) fair against the invaders. After that, I suspect the theme and style of the adventures will change somewhat as the party’s power and fame (or infamy) grow and as we enter a new “season” of the campaign.


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