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I think I have pretty much read all of your adventure logs and they have been interesting and inspiring. Quite apart from stealing many ideas for my own fledgling campaign I have also bought Shadowed Keep.

One question though, I am surprised at how long your guys seem to sit around doing not a great deal. What are they doing, levelling up maybe?

I remember from the old days you had to spend time training and such to go up a level but have found no mention in the Pathfinder books?

Is this your own house rule or have I (quite probably) missed something?



Thanks very much for buying Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands. I hope you have as much fun playing it as we did!

In regards to your question, I have a couple of house rules about the passage of time as I hate that 1st-level PCs can be 20th-level seemingly by teatime (well that's a slight exageration, but you get my point). The main ones are:

1. When levellling you must spend a number of weeks training equal to the level you are gaining.

2. Magic items now take 1 week (not a day) per 1,000 go value to make.

3. If you are knocked unconcious, you must spend a week resting and recovering from your near-death experience.

This help me tell decent stories and lets me have adventures set in differnt times of the year (winter is always a "favourite" of the players...)

I hope that helps!

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