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Damn You, WoTC


Up until now, I’ve been lucky. I still have all my original 1st Edition books (including the first ever D&D book I owned – the 1st Edition Player’s Handbook) and my 3.5 books are still in excellent condition (mainly because I access the rules on my iPad and rarely actually use the books these days) and so I have dodged buying any of the reprints that WoTC have been releasing this year.

It seems my luck is about to run out. I’ve just noticed that WoTC are releasing hardback compilations of the A Series (Against The Slave Lords) and the S Series (Dungeons of Dread) next year. While it’s true I do already have all those products (some of them in two or more incarnations) they are all set in my favourite campaign setting ever – Greyhawk. How can I not buy them?

Damn you, WoTC.


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