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Weeknote 13/8


This week, Raging Swan Press releases Dungeon Dressing: Pools by John Bennett. If you fancy sticking pools in your dungeon, this product is for you! You can check out some free downloads here and revel in John’s malicious cunning. John created so much material for the supplement that we couldn’t jam it all in – that’s why Dungeon Dressing: Pools is the first Dungeon Dressing to come with a free web enhancement.

In other news, I’m heroically continuing my summer holiday this week so I’m not planning to get much actual work done. I do have my final read through of Villages: Roake and final work to complete on So What’s The Armour Like, Anyway? but beyond that I’m hoping to get pretty much nothing done. Of course, I shall fail, but it’s the thought that counts!

Have a great week and may your dice roll better than mind (unless you are Red Hodges).

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The Villages line looks interesting.

Retribution PbF completed at RPGG

It's a wrap! The group loved it. I took some liberties and it was a blast.


We will move on to the "Shadowed Keep" via Swallowfeld and Lonely Coast supplement stuff.

Re: Retribution PbF completed at RPGG

I pronounce this very cool! I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves and I looked forward to Shadowed Keep.

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