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Weeknote 23/7


This week, I’m on reduced duties as Raging Swan’s global headquarters have been invaded by deranged halflings once again. However, the show must (stagger) on!

Raging Swan releases So What’s The Tavern Like, Anyway? this week by Richard Green and Liz Smith. If you ever needed to generate interesting and cool details about taverns, this is the product for you! As always, I’ve got a couple of free samples available to download so take a look and see if you like what you see.

In other news, I have one of my most hated jobs to do this week – finalising my version of an adventure map. Mercifully, this won’t be the version actually in the adventure, but rather the guide for the cartographer to work from. My drawing skills are terrible, so this is always a tough job for me (and easily my most hated part of adventure design).

I have final edits of Frost Giants of the Icy Heart to also complete, but these hopefully won’t take long as this is the third time I’m going through the supplement. On the editing and development front, I’ve also got work to complete on 100% Crunch: Skeletons and some design work to complete on Dungeon Dressing: Altars. Because of the aforementioned deranged halflings, this is all I’m going to attempt this week. To do more, would just be madness!

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About to start my first ever adventure writing project, and in the planning stages, I am doing my best to ignore the fact that I will eventually have to make a few maps. the stuff I scrawled in the bck of my notebook over a year ago with character positions still all over it apparently isn't good enough...

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