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Dark Waters Rising: A Surfeit of Enhancements

Dark Waters Rising_newNext week, sees the release of Dark Waters Rising, the first Raging Swan Press adventure written by someone who is not me! The module is penned by Ron Lundeen (of Run Amok Games) who may also be familiar to many readers of this blog as the designer of several LIVING GREYHAWK core modules. I’ve worked with Ron many times before and so it has been a pleasure to once again dive into his work.

What’s even more marvellous is that Ron has offered to write a couple of guest blog posts about the module! That’s incredibly decent of him and I hope you find them useful and informative. (I’ll link all the posts on Dark Waters Rising’s webpage so they are easily findable). The first post will go live tomorrow and the other will be available next week.

I’ve always been of the mind that web enhancements – particularly for  modules – are a great way of getting more material out there. Whether it’s stuff you can’t cram into the module or things that don’t work well in print (different versions of maps, downloads of images featured in the modules, or whatever) it’s a great way of making the GM’s job easier.

We’ve got loads of web enhancements available for Dark Waters Rising all available for free on the module’s webpage. They include:

The Lonely Coast: Given that the adventure takes place in Swallowfeld which is itself set on the Lonely Coast it makes sense to have the whole setting available for GMs to download.

Tetrameric Sigils: Without giving too much away, success in one of the encounters hinges on understanding the Tetrameric Regimen developed by one of the crypt’s denizens. Artist Matt Morrow did a marvellous job designing some lovely symbols and so we’ve made them available for download to make it easier for the players to manipulate the symbols during actual play.

Crypt Map: Some GMs don’t like squares and grids and so we’ve made available a version of the crypt map without such features. We also included a normal version of the map for good measure!

Kitto & Tecca Joliffe: During the adventure, some of Swallowfeld’s villagers go missing, but not all the villagers are what they seem. Although a GM running the module has no need to Kitto’s or Tecca’s stats if he is using one of the optional hooks to get the PCs into the module, he might find them useful at some point. Originally published in Swallowfeld, we’ve made them available here in case the GM doesn’t have Swallowfeld.

I’m always on the lookout for suggestions. If you think of another web enhancement the module needs, just let me know in the comments below or via email and I’ll do my best to include it.

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Neat. I like the sigils. Reminds me of a DM who used electrical schematic symbols in a similar manner. Too bad I did so poorly at physics. Every time we hooked the "battery" symbol up wrong the PC got an electrical shock.

I'm looking forward to this module. I've really fallen in love with the Lonely Coast setting and the possibilities it brings for some old-school gaming.

I always think that player handouts can make or break a module. I used to love all the handouts you got with Cthulhu adventures - being able to touch and examine what your characters found is really cool.

I hope you enjoy the module. I think Ron's done a terrific job!

Time for a virtual Lonely Coast Boxed Set!

I did start a big Lonely Coast book last year, but it disappeared under the weight of my product schedule. Perhaps I should dust it off!

I'll keep that in mind! Thanks for the suggestion!

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