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Neat. I like the sigils. Reminds me of a DM who used electrical schematic symbols in a similar manner. Too bad I did so poorly at physics. Every time we hooked the "battery" symbol up wrong the PC got an electrical shock.

I'm looking forward to this module. I've really fallen in love with the Lonely Coast setting and the possibilities it brings for some old-school gaming.

I always think that player handouts can make or break a module. I used to love all the handouts you got with Cthulhu adventures - being able to touch and examine what your characters found is really cool.

I hope you enjoy the module. I think Ron's done a terrific job!

Time for a virtual Lonely Coast Boxed Set!

I did start a big Lonely Coast book last year, but it disappeared under the weight of my product schedule. Perhaps I should dust it off!

I'll keep that in mind! Thanks for the suggestion!

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