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Surely giving wizards et al a few at-will powers is a good thing? Don't you remember the bad old days when the poor old 1e wizard cast his one 1st level spell and then had to spend the rest of the day skulking at the back behind the cleric?

At-will spells like magic missile were one of the best things in 4e - glad they're sticking around, as it doesn't look like much else is :(

My favourite class was wizard in the Bad/Good Olde Days and I loved the resource management part of the class. But my main issue with at will powers (in D&D and Pathfinder) is that they really jar with me thematically. It makes magic way more commonplace - which I'm not a huge fan of.

I don't get why (in D&D Next) a wizard would ever use his dagger or quarterstaff given magic missile always hits.

I think there is a happy medium between one spell and spells + at wills. In Pathfinder we've kept cantrips and orisons (which are essentally at will powers) and simply limited people to 4+spellcasting stat modifier castings per day. Thus they still get loads of castings but don't detect magic every 5 ft. of the dungeon.

This is what really concerns me. I am very happy with at will magic and more abstract healing. I'm not sure D and D Next can make us both happy. I hope they can. Oh I also like the magic item shop, but I agree it doesn't belong in everyone's game.

I still hold out hope for their modular approach to the game, in that you can add or subtract stuff you don't like. Hopefully, they'll have "gritty" and "super-hero" versions!

But, you are right that it will be very hard to make everyone happy.

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