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Weeknote 9/1

This week, Raging Swan Press is releasing its first product of 2012 designer Landon Bellavia’s Aasimar: Heirs of Glory! If you’ve ever fancied playing an aasimar character and using some cool, thematic options to portray your celestial background, Aasimar: Heirs of Glory is for you! Landon’s even come up with enough new work for a web enhancement which will probably go up next wee!

Last week, I also put out a call for freelancers to contribute to Raging Swan’s “So What” line and I’m moving through all the submissions I had. Some of been really intriguing and inventive and I’m now in the process of reviewing the final few and creating contracts. Already, I’ve commissioned three new products – probably all for a March release – which is cool as March is the start of Year 3 for Raging Swan. Nice to celebrate with lots of lovely new products.

In other news, I’m finishing up my first edits on David Posener’s Random Marsh Encounters and my final editor’s final notes on Cultists of Havra Zhoul. If all goes particularly well, I may even finish another quick product for release next week!

All in all, a busy (but fun) week!


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